Universe fact

Universe fact


Mukunda Earth science 


Volcanic denote world melting, the world is made of metal and various resourcesi.e. let assume,
world etc as Copper coil if you rotate copper coil for millions of years

1st copper coil start to heat

2nd copper coil start to fire

3nd copper coil start to melt

Similarly world melting in form Volcanic lava etc fyi sun and other planets and stars is also melting

Moon Dot
Moon Dots not due to asteroid or meteor hit moon
Moon Dots just like CHEESE dots
Moon Dots because of air water salt clay gas hydrogen hydrocarbon volcanic etc.
Liquid molecular due to heat or bacteria or chemical turn into steam air gas salt water oil hydrogen hydrocarbon
Those air gas hydrocarbon form innumerous bubbles and empty space in moon surface and underground just like CHEESEMoon Dots can be called as half bubblesMoon has air water salt clay gas mineral everything exist in our world including soil air water light atmosphere
Similarly many planets star dust asteroid meteor also has air water soil light and atmosphere
However most of asteroid meteor dust remains as rock
All the planets, stars, dust, asteroids, meteors and moons has atmosphere.Into its own atmosphere rest of thing cannot directly enter into different atmosphere unless there is any force or attraction such as galaxy hindrance or planets wave or dead planets or star or asteroid or meteor or moonTherefore, Moon Dots not due to an asteroid or meteor hit the moon and moon dots because of air water salt clay heat just like CHEESE


Earthquake is not exactly due to tectonic plate’s movement

Earthquake because of high pressure out of liquid molecular turn into gas molecular due to heat or bacteria or chemical

Technically like how wheat flour arise and react to bacteria, liquid and heat similarly solid liquid gas molecular react to bacteria or chemical or heat
Earthquake due to hindrance in path of steam or magma or lava or volcanic or gas or liquid or solid molecules

High calcium soil observe liquid molecular and turn into giant mountain, reef, underground mountain etc. due to various bacteria chemical volcanic those mountain, reefs, underground mountain hindrance in path of core or magma or volcanic
Earthquake magnitude more due to liquid molecular due to heat or bacteria or chemical or rotation of world or planets wave turn into steam, air, water, salt, oil, hydrogen, hydrocarbon etc.
Those air gas hydrocarbons create innumerous empty space in soil those empty space inactive mean earthquake magnitude more

Active empty space in ground mean if those empty spaces fill with water or oil is called as active empty space

Liquid molecular form due to rain or melting snow or river or lake or underground river or various water resources which washout salt, clay, mineral, high calcium, hydrogen in soil and various resources in soil
However, earthquake could also cause by volcanic, soil erosion, landslide, drift, air, water, salt, explosive, tectonic plates movement etc.

World fully covered by tectonic plates therefore tectonic plates cannot move as everyone says maybe salt or clay or high calcium soil could be washed out by air or water or gas or oil or volcanic such rare cases tectonic plates possible to move unless such thing happened tectonic plates cannot be moved

Therefore, earthquake not exactly due to tectonic plate’s movement but earthquake due to hindrance in rotation of core or magma or lava or volcanic path
We can PREDICT earthquake by using pressure sensor to monitor air gas hydrocarbon steam arise out of ground
We can STOP earthquake volcanic without chain reaction by manipulate air and liquid molecules

We can reduce earthquake and volcanic by growing turmeric ginger pepper chilli tamarind clove garlic cinnamon curry plants which reduces fermentation and bacteria activities therefore earthquake and volcanic reduce

But plants like sugarcane sunflower corn etc increase possibly of earthquake and volcanic activities
Tree plants good environment water dew rain snow river liquid molecular gas molecular could cause earthquakes and volcanic but spice plants opposite which reduces fermentation process and reduce earthquake and volcanic


Sinkhole due to steam or air or gas or hydrocarbon or water washout salt clay minerals soil etc.

Japan and UK made of volcanic and reefs, Japan form by volcanic break apart from Russia volcanic which later form into island with innumerous reefs and various resources
Japan has innumerous spring water resources those spring water washout salt clay soil various resources and put path to volcanic by those water turn into steam air which crack ground or create empty space in ground or cause sinkhole

During raining season Japan UK Australia Canada USA-California center four cross roads, water bounded area etc. are act like basin sink and let water to washout clay soil salt high calcium and various resources which could lead to sinkhole

Any liquid molecular and air molecules could cause SINKHOLE such as Water air gas hydrocarbon oil by washout clay soil salt high calcium and various resources

In those sinkhole or drift if steam air appear mean that denote liquid molecular get deeper into the ground and up to the core or magma or lava or volcanic level and turn into heat water steam which cause drift and SINKHOLE by crack ground

If those washout clay soil salt high calcium and various resources are melt or mingle or washout by core or magma or lava or volcanic mean not issue if those resources, soil, clay, salt and high calcium soil form hindrance in path of core or magma or lava or volcanic mean that lead to earthquake, tsunami, volcanic accordingly as chain reaction

SINKHOLE or drift are considered as a symptom of earthquake, earthquake can be considered as a symptom of volcanic activities however volcanic arise only if there is any hindrance in path of core or magma or lava or volcanic. In rare cases air pressure, planets wave, atmosphere also could pull volcanic through center of mountain and reefs


All the planets star dust meteor and asteroid has atmosphere.

Planets wave form atmosphere. Galaxy loot entire solar system and everything exist in the galaxy similarly, sun world moons planets stars dust meteor and asteroid rotate themselves and rotating sun due to looting power of galaxy

Sun world moons planets stars dust meteor and asteroid made of rocks and metals due to galaxy looting power everything rotating for millions of years continuously which turn irregular rocks into round shape and also turn rocks into metals in long period of time. Continuous, rotation of sun world moons planets stars dust meteor and asteroid form energy similar to electrical wave. World is planet therefore we can call that electrical wave as planets wave those planets wave form atmosphere.

World has a lot of water resources but sun heat can't loot water from world due to planets wave and atmosphere, hole in ozone or damage in ozone are wrong assumption.
Atmosphere could be no more if planet waves stop,

Planets waves stop only if world stop rotating,

World stop rotating if solar system stops rotating galaxy,

Solar system stops if galaxy stops looting solar system and everything

However, galaxy does evolve while galaxy evolve entire solar system and everything face suddenly hindrance due to galaxy dust and fog.

Those dust and fog are not normal dust and fog those are extremely strong enough to hindrance rotation of entire solar system and everything in itself ways, which could cause global flood, pole change, orbit position change, calendar change, rotation speed of entire solar system change and cause innumerous chain reaction and change do happen

Therefore ozone layer hole or damage is wrong assumption and atmosphere is no more when rotation of world stopped


Gravity force is due to rotation of solar system by galaxy looting power, as discussed earlier Galaxy looting entire solar system which create gravitational force accordingly to mass weight volume density nature of object or elements or molecular
Density weight mass of solid molecular is greater than liquid molecular
Density weight mass of liquid molecular is greater than air molecular

Density weight mass of rock is greater than water

Density weight mass of water is greater than air

Density weight mass of air is greater than gas

Apple fall into ground because Apple weight greater than the air If Apple is weight lesser than the air or Apple fill with air or gas or any air molecular mean Apple could float in Air
If the rotation of the world stopped mean planets wave and atmosphere no more, there would be huge changes in gravitational force that mean there is possibility of world water and air resources could be loot by sun if sun nearby world. however , the world won't stop rotating unless galaxy stopped looting entire solar system but there is possibility of hindrance in rotation of entire solar system due to galaxy hindrance while galaxy evolving which could cause global flood however world and entire solar system rotate unless world and solar system is not part of our galaxy permanently

Therefore gravitational force is based on weight density mass volume force energy of various objects or elements or molecular
We can manipulate those weight density mass by force or energy

Example: heavy aero plane able to fly by manipulate air by creating force