Mukunda Science


MOON DOTS not yet due to Asteroid Hit  the Moon But Moon Dot's due to Salt And High Calcium In The Moon but scientist wrongly assumed MOON DOTS due to Asteriod or Meteor hit the Moon

Why SUN is HOT?

World is made of metal etc

i.e.Let assume
Sun, world, moon are copper Coil and 
If you keep on Rotate these copper coil for many centuries
1st coil start to heat
2nd coil start to Fire 
3rd coil start to Melt

This why Sun, World Core, Volcanic are HOT

Norway etc sky glow in green color due planetwaves. colour green indicate copper. 

if rotation of these Planets and Star stopped mean Sun won't be Hot. 

Greenland Melting is related to age or scale of World. even If World Pollution is "NIL" Greenland Melt. therefore, Greenland Melting, Volcanic, Tectonic, Earthquake, Tsunami, Sea Level Raising are related to Age or Scale of World


We can STOP Volcanic by cutting water source, make sure no water source, divert river, Lake, underground water source and river and identify empty space in under ground and fill it with Clay (don't use cement), don't cover Volcanic geographical area by Cement, Tar, Plastic

If we use water into Volcanic, That water  find gap and get into Volcanic gap turn into Heat Air steam pressure that steam 

Lightning and Thunder

Lightning Thunder due to Planetwaves Atmosphera + positive - negative. cloud or air or water are not yet Electricity producer maybe semiconductor. Actually, Air Cloud Rain(Fresh water) are bad conductor.

World is made of Metal, let we assume sun, moon and world are copper coil if we keep on rotate copper coil that produces Electricity Wave similarly Planetwaves Atmosphere form due to World Sun Moon rotating

If we keep on rotate Copper Coil

1st Coil start to Heat

2nd Coil start to Fire

3rd Coil start to Melt

this is how Sun WorldCore Volcanic are HOT. Not yet all Volcanic connected with core of World but some Volcanic directly connection with core of World therefore no wonder in Thunder or Lightning in Volcanic. In Sun also heavy large scale  Thunder Lightning do exist


We can STOP Earthquake by Identifying inactive empty space in underground and fill it with clay (don't use cement). Earthquake and Tectonic plates movement due to high calcium soil, high calcium soil is capable to dissolve rock, marble and granite. High calcium soil do expand when it wet and high calcium soil will compress tight when it dry when this do repeatedly happen it could form empty space, dissolve rock marble stone, put path to Volcanic etc if empty space fill clay earthquake magnitude will be low


We can STOP Tsunami by creating Artificial Tsunami against Tsunami by continuous bomb against Tsunami to SPLIT and NULLIFY Tsunami. However, Tsunami due to Greenland is mighty this method don't suit for Tsunami due to drift


We can STOP Sea Level Raising Issue by Under Ocean Mountain Mining however, Scientist who except in Volcanic and Earth Science should have to confirm geography location of Under Ocean Mountain Mining


Sinkhole due to SALT, WATER and AIR. water and air put hole in Salt layer or wash out Salt result Sinkhole. SINKHOLE not due to clay washed out by water, exact circle round Sinkhole happen mean it is due to SALT. In this case, we using cement that do increase damage much more but to resolve Sinkhole we should use Clay and heated clay brick to Sinkhole


Asteroid and Meteor don't hit Planet directly because World is moving object  under Sun Looting power and Asteriod also moving object under Sun Looting activities but Asteriod can enter into World atmosphere in Sun Looting process through intersection between World and Moon however, that Asteriod round around World before hit world according to that Asteriod  Size Speed Power like how Moon round around World


Few Earthquake maybe due to tectonic plates movement but Tectonic plates movement, Volcanic activities, most of earthquake is due to water, high calcium soil and air

Earthquake Not Exactly Due To Tectonic Plate’s Movement, Earthquake Due To High Calcium And Salt In The Soil. Light, Waves, Rays, Heat, Electricity Cannot Pass Through High Calcium In Soil But Water And Cold Air Could Enter Into High Calcium Soil As Result High Calcium Do Expand More Than Double The Actual Size Of High Calcium Soil When It Wet But It Get Back To Normal And Tight When It Dry Mean While Salt And Clay Could Be Washed Out By Water Or Underground River But High Calcium Cannot Be Washed Out By Water. Where Water Or Cold Air Meet Heat There Steam Produce It Would Crack The Soil And Liberate Soil To The Water, Steam, Lava, Volcanic Activities, Spring Water, Air Etc Actually Volcanic Eruption, Lava Arise To Turn High Calcium Soil And Weak Soil Into Strong Rocky Soil Like How We Get Sweat When Our Body Heat Like Vise Where Soil Weak There Volcanic And Lava Activities Arise.Usually, Were Ever High Calcium Soil Exist There Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcanic Eruption, Volcanic Lava Activities High But Volcanic Arise To Turn Weak Soil Into Strong Soil
We Can Resolve Earthquake By Identifying Inactive Empty Space In Ground And Fill It With Heated Clay Bricks To Reduce Earthquake Frequency

How Mountain Dissolve

Mukunda Discovered That The Marble, Garnet, Rock, Mountain Can Be Dissolve With High Calcium Soil Or High Calcium Rock. High Calcium Do Expand When It Get Wet And High Calcium Soil Do Compress When It Is Dry Like Elastic. This Would Make Marble, Garnet, Rock, Mountain Dissolve With High Calcium

How To Dissolve Marble Or Rock Artificially?

 Step 1: 2 To 4 Cup Of Ark Shell,

              1 Cup Reef      

              1 Cup Oyster Shell

              1 Cup Lime Stone

              1 Cup Tamarind

              1 Cup Crab Shell

              1 Cup Egg Shell  

              1 Cup Ceramic Sand

              1 Cup Bone Ash

              1 Cup Of Peal And 

              1 Cup Calcium Powder

Step 2: Dry All The Above Items In Sun Light For Dry

Step 3: Once It All Dry, Grained It All Together Till Powder Perfectly

Step 4: Add 20 Cups Of Water Into That Powder And Boil It For Two Days

Step 5: We Get Emulsion Cream, Apply That Cream Into Marble And Let It Dry And Once It Dry Make It Wet With Water And Let It Dry, Once It Dry Again Make It Wet With Water And Let It Dry Continue It For 30 Days This Process Would Dissolve Marble To Some Extend In 30 Days. Imagine The Same In Large Scale By Nature Which High Calcium Could Dissolve Large Mountain With Various Natural Elements. 


Tsunami May Cause By Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption In Under Ocean, Release Of High Compressed Air By Volcanic And Letting Too Much Of River Water Into Ocean Also Could Cause Tsunami. Walls Build To Stop Tsunami But Most Of Cases Wall Increase Power And Speed Of Tsunami. In This Regards We Can Stop Tsunami By Creating Artificial Tsunami By Continuous Air Bomb In 90° Degree Angle Against Tsunami Which Do Split And Nullify Tsunami

Sun Looting Universe

Sun Rotating Itself Right Side Of Sun As Result Most Of Stars, Asteroid, Meteor, Dust, Planets Including World Rotate Itself In Right And Rotating Sun In It's Right Side In Sun Looting Process Because Stars, Asteroid, Meteor, Dust, Planets Power, Weight, Density Lesser Than The Sun But Few Planets Weight Or Density Or Power Greater Than The Sun Those Planets Rotate Themselves In Left Side And Rotate Sun In Left Side Of The Sun In Sun Looting Process. Example: If Our World Size, Weight, Power Greater Than The Sun Mean World Rotate Itself In Left And Rotate Sun In Left Side As Result Sun Arise In Left Side Of Sun. If World Size And Weight, Density, Power Decrease From Present State, Rotation Speed Of World Would Increase As Result Hours Per Day Reduce From 24 Hours To Less Than 24 Hours

Kala Or Space

Kala Mean Not Dark Or Black. Kala May Be Colourless. If Kala Or Space Or Water Or Air Is Colourful We Can See Only Colours Of Kala Or Space Or Water Or Air We Cannot See Rest Of Things Exist That Why God Or Nature Made It Colourless We Can See Space Up To The Scope Of Suns

Scope Of Sun

Universe And Galaxies Is More Than 7 Trillion Times Greater Than The Sun And Freeze Cold Of Universe Turn Sun In To Orange Colour But Original Colour Of Sun Maybe Blue. In Our World Global Warming Issue Is Big Concern But In Universe And Galaxies Scale, Scope Of Sun Vs Super Cold Universe/galaxies Are Greater Than The Sun

Asteroid Meteor

If Sun Attract Asteroid Meteor Dust In Looting Process Of Sun, It Might Collateral In Our Orbit And Our World Atmosphere. Asteroid Or Meteor May Collateral In Intersection Between Moon And World Or In Intersection Between World And Sun. Mainly Asteroid And Meteor Usually Do Entire In Our Atmosphere By Towards North And South Pole Zones. In This Regards, Explosive Against Asteroid Or Meteor Is Not Possible In Space Due Lack Of Air In Space But We Can Manipulate Path Of Asteroid Or Meteor By Release Air In Its Path Which Could Diverty Asteroid And Meteor

Black Hole

Black Hole Won't Destroy Any Planets In Itself Path But Black Hole May Shift Paths Or Orbit System Of Dust, Asteroid, Stars, Meteor, Planets In Our Universe. Black Hole Just Air Twister In Space It Cause Damage Or Shift Planets Path Or Orbit System But It Can't Destroy Planets. BlacHole Just Air in the space if water into space would loot by sun faster towards Sun but Air is also form of water but Sun cannot loot Air.

Grow Mountain

Most Of Mountain Origin Is Reef We Can Build Island And Mountain Artificially By Grow Reefs And Divert Ocean Waves

Artificial River

We Have Water Scarcity And Sea Level Arising Issue In This World. We Can Resolve Both Issues By Creating Artificial River By Make Use Of Fresh Water Spring System In The World. Main Source For Sea Level Arise Is Melting Ice In Pole Region Which Mingle In Ocean Through Underground River And Spring Water System In This Concern We Can Identify Fresh Water Spring Source In Ocean And Connect It Into Existing River Or Create New River By These Fresh Water Spring Sources. 

BigBang or Creation Of Universe

Star Symbols Denote Bigbang Or Creation Of Universe. Planets Do Shift Pole Which Suddenly Shift Of Poles May Attract Nearest Planets Which May Cause Bigbang And Creation Of New Universe

Artificial Continental Drift

I Hope As Per Ancient, Continental Drift Can Be Made Artificially By Installing Wood Into Ground And Making Wood Into Wet With Water So That Wood Expand And Later Turn Tight When It Dry At That Time Ancient Install Some More Wood Into It And Make It Wet With Water Continuously To Create Artificial Continental Drift. Still In India, Egypt Etc These Method Used To Cut Stones.