Artificial Earthquake test in lemon

I have discover the root cause for earthquake is because of inactive covered empty spaces under ground which forms due to high calcium in soil and earth quack not exactly because of tectonic plates movements

Planet wave is like Micro Wave it is invisible yet it won't actually produce heat but it form of light. Planet wave from other Planet impact our planet, places wherever high calcium soil those places react result earthquake etc i.e.X-ray do not pass thought bone due to calcium exactly similar ways planet wave find hard while pass thought high calcium soil places which cause earthquake

1. Earthquack=empty space underground (due to high calcium soil)+cool air+planets waves

2. Earthquack=empty space underground (due to high calcium soil)+any form of vibrations(under surface)

3. Earthquack =empty space underground(due to high calcium soil)+any form of vibrations (upper surface) (mainly including planets waves)

Therefore, Earthquake not because of tectonic plate movement if plate moves we do faces more than an earthquake

Solution: If we trace covered inactive empty space and fill those with clay mean earthquack will be zero

Artificial Earthquake test in Lemon

we know lemon do has electricity

  • if we inject mercury into lemon, lemon will start jump and react to it


as per ancient science method we can divide a place geographically artificially, this pixel is clear evidence on those text. however, I believe Japan earthquake is purely natural not yet artificial earthquake impact, we are not gone discuss about artificial earthquake or natural continental dirft but we gone discuss on artificial continental dirft and ancient stone breaking technology.

according to Egypt civilisation continental dirft can be made by human also artificially, Egyptian use a simple techniques to break stone or to continental dirft artificially is by putting a whole next to next and insert a wood in to that whole any put some water in it as a result thing tiny water do turn in to icy cold water which form cool air which combination of cool water and air do cut a large stone sharply and also can do continental dirft. we can find these type of stones between Africa and Asia area it is evidence that this particular geographical continental dirft may be did by humans. however, currently soil types has changed a lot but still this continental dirft can be possible in places like China, Japan, Nepal, India and most of the high mountain regions were soil has high calicum these Japan, Nepal regions are actually naturally expanding and growing in long period of time these soil get strong naturally. Root cause for natural and artificial continental dirft is cool air not yet wood or water.

I personally believe that once Africa and golf region might has many rivers and full of forest, these region might turn in to dry due to ancient times kings does artificial continental dirft due to that these areas under world water string system under oceans may cut. these kings might does artificial continental dirft to protect their region from other kings and trade


The pixel in left side not denotes Jews symbol but it denotes poles shift generally certain planets do change poles. Such poles change do attract nearest planet to that planet as result big bang do happen this is how our universe start. however, our earth won't change poles due sure yet it secret. Therefore, big bang required poles shift it not just two planets concern it do may affect whole so beware. I believe root cause to Big Bang is pole change, few planet do change poles we can assume few planets as male planets and some planets are female planet i assume world as female planets because there we can find life's and living things but rest of planets were male these male planets do may change poles due to planets waves. Such Pole Change Attract Nearest Planet result Big Bang this do form its own galaxy and universe and further this determine space and time of its own galaxy. However, i am not sure about planet pregnant etc. planet do expand it not pregnant only do pole attraction do cause Big Bang. To prove this we can use compass, in our planet compass point head towards north pole but rest of planet compass do point headed towards south pole and there is no such things as planet pregnant, black hole, light and rays pass imperfect direction in beginning.


Mountain formed by irritation, formation of bacteria create irritation that create formation of form giant bacteria or fungi that lead to formation of corel rocks and corel reefs etc that grow and developed in to huge big mountain in long period of time. Places like Japan, China, Himalaya, Philippians, Indonesia, fiji etc has high calcium due to this form only and Giant Causeways form on this basis. Salt, Hydrogen, bacteria create and form different type of corel reefs. If we want to know what is the basis of Giant Causeways we can find by put a piece of stone of Giant Causeways in to water corel reefs do form that denote the basis of Giant Causeways

root cause for earthquake frequency?

root cause for earthquake may not be same to all earthquakes generally, earthquake happening all 24*7 but it frequency are high were we have high calcium soil especially, in high mountain region and islands has high amount of calcium in soil due to that earthquake frequency high in those regions. under surface of ground there are lot of active or inactive spaces,  active spaces or underground string water or lava or chemical or fuels will not cause earthquake frequency or vibrations but empty inactive space in underground do cause high earthquake frequency or vibrations and other hand solid state rock and noble metals in the paths of activate lava are also do cause earthquake. Solution: If we find the inactive empty spaces under surface and fill clay mean it help us to avoid earthquake frequency effects and impact like vise if we find and open the activities lava paths mean it do cause volcano activities but it help to avoid earthquake cause by solid noble metals and rocks in lava paths.

We can make most of part of Japan and world earthquake free zone by filling certain empty spaces with Clay. Were there is high calcium soil cause empty spaces under ground then due to planets waves cool air form irritations which actually create earthquake usually during summer climate seem hot likely less earthquakes during those months with help of waves from sun etc yet many scientist thinks lava cause earthquake but not exactly correct lava turn weak high calcium soil in to strong and expanding land also turn cool air in to water and heat. I also add information that reason for natural heat water is due to planets waves + high copper in soil heat water and lava not exactly due to volcanic yet volcanic itself because of high copper + planets waves

Therefore, Earthquake not because of lava it because of high calcium in soil and empty spaces in underground, lava actually replace weak high calcium soil in to strong to reduce earthquake effect therefore, we can stop earthquake by filling clay in empty spaces in under ground and other methods.

Root cause for Strom and Thunderstorms:

Root cause for Strom and Thunderstorms is high amount of copper and zinc component in soil, certain part of world USA soil has high amount of copper and zinc as result we have more number of Strom and  thunders at those places. Advantage of it even though it not rain under ground water level in stable or under ground water keep on increase heat energy induce and pull water from nearby sources around the regions and such soil disadvantaged is Strom. Were we faces more Strom and Thunder there we can find more amount of copper and zinc.

Volcanic LAVA:

Volcanic not everywhere active we can find both volcanic and earthquake activities only were we can find weak and high calcium soil, many people's and scientist believe that volcanic activities cause earthquake it may be but not exactly correct volcanic not cause earthquake yet planets waves only cause volcanic and earthquake activities. Planets waves around world but only were we have weak and high calcium soil we exactly can feel earthquake and volcanic activities therefore actual cause to both earthquake and volcanic activities is planets waves


Under the ground different types of soil exiting, one of the soil type is yellow soil that actually works as elastic which fixable and reflect more like elastic band. Elastic form by natural with wood and starch together and forms the elastic underground. We can try this with  wood scrap and rice starch together to few days that wood piece in to elastic rubber


you do find lot of things look like SPACEROCK IMPACT in moon but those not because of spacerock hit the moon but it is due to too much of Salt and high calcium in moon lead to irritate and create such things but spacerock, lighting, thunder etc do hit were metal or + - or water source in underground or   opposite charge or livingthing or attractive element or tree etc undoubtedly will get Strick in systematic ways. lighting, thunder, spacerock etc Strick a specified particular thing only

Some region of world such as Golf, Africa, Mexico, India, China demand for water arising and other part of world has issue of sea level raising. We can resolve these both with science, by research on finding fresh string water system exist in under ocean and land to connect these fresh water string in to rivers or create new rivers. This do also stop raising of sea levels issue because these fresh string water sources most likely from melting of ice in poles so this do resolve raising of sea level and water scarcity

How create River and how to resolve see level raising issue:

 We can resolve see level raising issue by creating many new rivers. In oceans and land there are lot of fresh water string exist based on that we can create new rivers. Specially in Oceans lot of fresh water string exist if we put sand on ocean surfaces mean string do indigate by blow out sands etc these are indication to fresh water string and majorsourcjor to these string water system are melting ices and under systen and ocean rivers system therefore, if we utlitize these sources sea level arising issues also resolve

Global Warming is Truth inside world atmosphere and world environment that is risks but Main Risks is Scope of Sun is less against Killer freeze cool of universe/galaxy,  ratio of Sun Light Scope is 1:700  Killer Freeze cooled Scope which is Risks. Universe is Scope roughly more than 700 times greater than Sun and it is unlimited

but Sun scope is limited and Sun Light do has end but it do after millions of years

Therefore, world scientist should focus and research on Astrology Killer freeze cool of Universe

About ratio is roughly figure I could tell you exactly year, month, date, time at when exactly sun scope became zero and end I required data which is in progress I let you know once calculate