Mugunda's Geo Engineering Science discoveries

Mugunda's Geo Engineering Science discoveries



It's hard to believe that humans can STOP Earthquake but fact we can resolve earthquake

I discovered earthquake root cause and way to resolve earthquake 

Earthquake not due to tectonic but

Earthquake due to liquid molecules turn into gas molecule due to heat (rotation of earth, volcano, earth core, magma etc) - high pressure of gas molecules  arise out of ground cause earthquake 

Rain water, melting snow, fogg etc find gaps and get into ground deeper and deeper along with minerals and various elements in ground naturally empty space form in the ground which will be filled by these liquid molecular technically crud oil sources etc also liquid molecular later these molecular separate into gas molecular, liquid molecular and soild molecular due to heat or chemical or bacteria or rotation of earth or churning or spinning or dragging etc gas molecular arise out of ground cause earthquake etc 

Technically volcano lava, magma also liquid molecular form these liquid molecular also turn into gas molecular due heat this also cause earthquake etc 

Compare: Earthquake just like pressure cooker release pressureEarthquake just like pressure cooker release steam pressure due heat make to liquid molecular (water etc) turn into gas molecular (steam pressure)

Most of earthquake due to volcanic magma lava etc

(Technically Earthquake due to heat attract cold and cold attract heat which leads to liquid molecules turn into gas molecules)

Wherever atmosphere close to the ground we can find volcano activities and slight earthquake

Wherever volcano and earthquakes there we can find atmosphere close to the ground

Atmosphere come towards ground wherever churn happen, churning due to the rotation of planet etc

i.e. around North pole and South pole we can commonly found lot of volcano activities and slight earthquake etc

Main Fact:

Molecular separate into gas molecular, liquid molecular and solid molecular by centrifuge or spin or rotate or churn (rotation of world - planets, stars, moons etc)

Earthquake Prediction:

We can Predict Earthquake few minutes  before earthquake by Monitoring gas molecular arise out of under ground by using sensor to monitor gas molecular arise out of under ground

We can also able to predict volcanic eruptions too with the same way

Resolve earthquake:

I can't discuss few things in website

Earthquake due to liquid molecular turn into gas molecular

We can nullify reaction and separation of molecular in ground by using Tamarind tree - Molecular separation stopped as result earthquake reduce and stop

Tamarind tree may attract lightning and  thunder as result lightning and thunder strikes it


If we put holes to release gas molecules from ground mean we can resolve earthquake (please note this may lead to sinkhole so we need to calculate how deep hole required etc)

(Note: Fire weight lesser it moves upwards and water weight heavy it moves downwards)


White smoke come from ground denotes there is heat (Volcano or Magma etc) +water source exist (river water, underground river and spring water source etc)

Rainwater and melting snow water are washout soil and form underground river and spring water source those water source get into deep and mingle with volcanic lava magma etc create hugh pressure steam - liquid molecules turn into gas molecules due heat as result earthquake will come

Wherever water or cold there we can find mountains or island etc because water or cold attract heat or volcano

Black hole

Center of Galaxies has Mighty Massive Huge Big Giant Star which is extremely hot to cold down it do attract freeze fogg in space in North pole and South pole of the central star such fogg create Aurora light like colour at the top and bottom of the Giant star that's not exactly black hole

In world also we have Aurora light to turn volcano magma earth core etc heat by turn those heat into cold

Moon dots

I discovered Moon Dots not due to asteroid hit moon but

Moon dots just like cheese dots which form due to liquid (water etc), gas molecular (air etc) and solid molecular (soil, calcium, salt etc) in the moon cause moon dots in the moon surface

Once Moon may has liquid molecular (water etc) and gas molecular (air etc) but now it turn out and dry

Now liquid molecular and gas molecular gone in moon due to heat cause by various waves on Moon

Now liquid molecular and gas molecular gone in moon due to heat cause by various waves on Moon

Sun, World etc melting

I discovered sun, world etc melting 

Planets and stars are like Copper Coil if we rotate coil for many centuries

1st Coil heat 

2nd Coil fire 

3rd Coil melt 

Similarly world sun etc melting stage 

World also melting in form of volcano lava etc

Due to fogg in galaxy and universe our sun getting bigger and bigger day by day 

Similarly our world core getting bigger and bigger day by day due to ocean and other water source exist in the world

In future sea water may boil, land expand as earth core, magma, volcanic lava etc expand

Our planet (world) slowly turning into star by planet melting due to rotation of our world - earth core, magma, volcanic, lava etc expanding

After millions of years world turn into star and merge into sun due to attraction

Galaxies, solar system and world etc rotation stopped mean volcano and under ocean volcano activities stop if it not good because galaxies, solar system and world turn cold due to freeze fogg and dust in space 

intention stove work only if there electricity if no electricity mean no volcano in world don't turn into star like sun but if there is no planet electricity mean atmosphere gone due to that gas molecular and liquid molecular etc also gone

If you attract fogg from space mean you can create ocean if ocean boil and dry out in world

Lightning and Thunder etc

World is made of metals, rotation of world creates planet waves which creates atmosphere

Cloud, storm, volcano eruption dust cloud etc able to spin or rotate or churn or dragging the planet waves as result lightning and thunder form

Lightning and Thunder etc like also electricity which do flips and diffuse

Curd oil

Curd oil resources are like sperm of the world If we not used it mean that curd oil (Liquid Molecular separate into gas molecular, liquid molecular and solid molecular due to the rotation of world) that soild molecular turn into rock formation and expand as resources keep on culminate due to the reasonal snow rain ice melting etc supply minerals which increase resources to molecular to expand further this process may sight earthquake may come like Turkey Pakistan Gujarat earthquakes

Over a long period of time that curd oil rock turn into mountain or island and those mountains arise which is later turn into volcano mountain afterwards volcano mountain which do attract freeze fogg in atmosphere and space as result that region turn colder like North Pole and South Pole therefore the process continuous further to expand further

Planet Waves fact

Rotation Of World produce planet waves

these waves acts like magnetic fields of world

the flow of these waves are high on North & South Pole and also where atmosphere close to the ground there Planet Waves are visible in form of Aurora light

Planet waves forms atmosphere

Due to season and environment etc cloud and storm etc churn or spin or rubbing or dragging or rotate or move forward and backward the planet waves due to that lightning and thunder form


Newton view that Apple fall due to Gravity

My view that Apple fall due to Apple weight greater than the Air if Apple weight lesser then the air mean Apple will fly or float in Air

Global Flood

In this picture i shared blue print of our Galaxy in Tamil language

All religions discuss on global  flood i think it might happened in Ancient times 

Global Flood may come due to sudden hindrance in rotation of our world and entire solar system - fogg and dust from Mu Ku of our Galaxy hindrance rotation of our entire solar system which leads to global flood

Global Flood may leads to poles change etc

Electricity Conductor:

we know various metals/salt water etc do conduct of electricity and wood/rubber etc are bad conductor of electricity but we not much focus on planets wave dust do conduct electricity yes, flash light or laser light do conduct electricity there are two major elements required 1.mirror and 2.light to create sharp ray or flash.

once in India a guy has got electricity attack when he capture picture near railways high wattage wire

Flashlight and laser light could conduct electricity 

Tree made of wood, wood is bad conductor electricity but tree capable to attract electricity or lighting and thunder when tree link to water sources especially tamarind tree and neem trees found water sources from deep into ground this attract electricity or lighting and thunder 

Super conductor, good conductor and bad conductor whatever it maybe anyway  electricity travel upto short distance only because it move forward and it also flips and diffuse due to too much of density however lighting and thunder travel long distance due to it's density lighting and thunder also flips and diffuse due to too much of density but Density of electricity helps electricity to travel long distance and faster

Electricity Loss

Most of Electricity loss due to electricity flips and diffuse in air etc (environment factors and waves) not exactly due to conductor  heat (most due to the flips and diffuse compare to heat)

If we transmit electricity to short distance mean there will be low loss of energy it mean that energy loss due to the flips and diffuse of electricity not exactly due to the heat - we have to fix resolution to resolve electricity flips and diffuse not yet conductor heat

Electricity flips and diffuse due to various waves (due to rotation of entire solar system and world) and various factors in the environment

If we find solution to resolve electricity flips and electricity diffuse mean we can reduce energy loss

If we transmit 1000MW electricity to long distance mean 40% to 60% of Electricity loss which we can resolve

Electricity, light, lightning, thunder etc itself technically an form of heat FYI

Electricity visible in form of lightning, thunder etc

Electricity, lightning, thunder etc move forward, flips and diffuse due to various waves and various factors in the environment

Immortality Classifications and important notes:

Air (Gas Molecular) and Water (Liquid Molecular) which are technically immortal, gas molecular turn into liquid molecular and liquid molecular turn into gas molecular it will transform but no dead mean immortal

Gas Molecular moves upwards and liquid molecular moves downwards


Tortoise and turtle etc are explore partially information on immortality to world

Like this Trees and plants also explored  partially information on immortality mean trees and plants don't feel pain and don't react like living-things

Trees dead by holes technically due to air and water however whatever happens tree don't feel pain

Animals and birds female look normal but male animals and birds look beautiful because god safeguard female bird and animals to ensure reproduction if female look beautiful mean hunters kill female animals and birds so god make male animals and birds beautiful

Humans are male look normal but female look beautiful however after marriage story change

Both cases females animals birds and human are live long by design

Death is cure or prevent humans and living things from deadly pain whenever humans and living things feel any form of extreme deadly pain at that time living thing dead 

When living things feel deadly pain death happen mean living things turn unconscious technically dead it's cure from deadly pain
Unconscious living things also die technically due to living things body parts feel pain or any system collapse mean dead happen 

1.Heat attract cold cold attract heat

2.cold avoid heat heat avoid cold

Within us, animals birds living things non-living things planets stars galaxies universes and beyond everywhere same stories has two elements heat and cold

Extreme cold kill extreme heat kill we need heat to live we need cold to live

Onion and garlic specials:

After death or unconscious our body turn cold at that time we can use Onion and garlic kept around body to keep body warmer or heat

Heat is life

More than 90% of every universes are freeze Fogg less then 10% only heat
Heat gives life and maintain life's, humans also the same

Cold is life

Water turn into air and vapour and air and vapour turn into water - no dead to water and air but react to heat

Water, air, vapour etc are immortal:

Air, gas and vapour are weight light move upwards - in space air and vapour moves opposite direction to heat

Water weight heavy move downwards - in space water move towards heat

tortoise and turtle live long - Live in land and water both

Hard skin of tortoise and turtles protects them from water or cold as well as protect from light or heat which helps them from implosive, aging and decompose etc 

Water is important element for life inside water, light or heat cannot pass through water easily which lead to life in world 

Light or heat is important reason for aging and death if we live in water or inside house or work in night etc avoid heat and light therefore we won't get older and aging as result we can live long 

Air also important reason for aging but we can't live without air

Tooth produce Bacteria: 

Tooth produce lot of bacteria when we aged tooth automatically fall it is step taken by body naturally to live long

People should wash tooth in salt water that helps them to live long but not too much of salt yet required level is good 

Sleeping position (stomach sleeper) (Sleeping on your stomach) make mouth water don't get into our stomach. it helps us to live long, bacteria don't produce much (we need bacteria but not too much)

Mouth water and tooth plays important role of causing deaths to living things

Mouth water to lubricate mouth and throat but sometimes mouth water turn poison

Tooth & nails reacting to liquid molecular we should keep our tooth & nails dry

Sun Fact:

Sun light and environment factors like air and planet waves etc determine  seasons of world

6 months hot and 6 months cold

World rotating sun circle not yet oval shape

Sun (move forward) rotating our galaxy which form sun tail

Sun tail part are hot